Welcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening Society

Welcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening Society

Welcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening SocietyWelcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening SocietyWelcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening Society

2020 Autumn Show

Saturday 5th September

Pluckley Village Hall

Exhibitors Set Up 10.15 am - 11.30am

Viewing Doors Open 2.45pm; Raffle, Tea & Cake

Prize giving 3.30pm


Schedule of Classes


Decorative Classes

Purchased flowers and foliage can be used in these arrangements though the building-up of the exhibit must be of the exhibitor’s own arrangement and may incorporate accessories. 

Maximum width allowed not more than 24” or 60cms.

1. An arrangement with fruit and/or vegetables.

2. An arrangement of home-grown flowers.

3. An arrangement using only 3 flowers.

4. An arrangement interpreting a book title.


In these classes the flowers must be grown by the exhibitor. 

5.  One specimen Rose bloom.

6.  A bowl of Roses - any variety or varieties.

7.  Vase of 3 stems of Roses - any variety or varieties.

8.  Vase of 3 stems of Roses, one variety - bud, bloom and blown - one flower head on each stem.

9.  Vase of 3 stems of Cosmos.

10. One Specimen Dahlia bloom - any variety.

11. Vase of 3 heads Dahlias – any one ball variety.

12. Vase of 3 heads Dahlias – any one cactus variety.

13. Vase of 3 heads Dahlias - any other single variety not mentioned.

14. Vase of not more than 10 stems of Dahlias – any variety or varieties

15. Vase of 6 stems of hardy perennials, 2 stems each of 3 varieties. 

16. Flowering pot plant 

*Pot not to exceed 10” or 25cms. Must have been in exhibitor’s possession for at least 6 months.

17. Vase of 3 stems annuals - any variety or varieties.

18. Vase of 3 stems climbing plants - any variety or varieties.

19. Vase of 3 stems Michaelmas Daisies - any variety or varieties.

20. Vase of 3 stems flowering shrubs (not roses) - any variety or varieties.

21. Vase of 3 stems berries - any variety or varieties.

22. Vase of 3 stems of flowers – from corms, bulbs or rhizomes. 

23. Largest Sunflower Head - more than one entry allowed.

24. Vase of grasses - any variety or varieties, bamboos included.

25. Vase of 3 Hydrangea Flowers – any variety or varieties.


In these classes the produce must be grown by the exhibitor.

26. 5 Culinary Apples - one variety.

27. 5 Dessert Apples - one variety.

28. A plate of not more than 20 Edible Berries including hulls - one or more varieties.

29. 5 Pears - one variety.

30. 5 stoned fruit - one variety.

31. 2 Fruits - one variety not already mentioned.


In these classes the produce must be grown by the exhibitor.

32. Collection of 5 salad vegetables displayed as grown – shown on a plate.

33. 2 Sweetcorn cobs.

34. 3 Onions.

35. 7 Shallots.

36. 3 Beetroot.

37. 2 Cucumbers.

38. 5 ripe Tomatoes (not small).

39. 7 small, ripe Tomatoes.

40. Tomatoes on a vine - at any stage of ripening.

41. 3 Potatoes - any colour or variety.

42. 3 Carrots.

43. 1 Cabbage.

44. 2 Marrows ideally of equal length not exceeding 15” or 38cms in length.

45. 2 Courgettes 4”-6”, or 10-15cms in length, ideally with flowers.

46. 5 Runner beans.

47. 3 Sweet peppers.

48. 3 Chilli peppers.

49. 2 Squash ideally of equal size/length.

50. Collection of named herbs - displayed in a vase.

51. 2 Vegetables of any variety - not already mentioned.

52. Longest Runner Bean.

53. Strangest shaped vegetable or fruit - more than one entry allowed.

54. Heaviest Pumpkin.

55. Master Gardener - 5 items all different, comprising 2 vegetables, 2 flowers in a vase and l fruit, assembled on a plate not more than 12 inches, or 30cms in diameter.

56. Largest Tomato.

57. Special Autumn Competition - Largest crop from potato purchased at Spring Show. (Rules of entry shown under Spring Show. ) During judging, the contents of each bucket will be tipped out, sieved and the potatoes weighed. The heaviest crop will be the winning entry.

Home Produce

58. A cheesecake. 

59. 3 pieces of Millionaire's Shortbread.

60. 3 mini frittatas.

61. A boiled fruitcake - see recipe.

62. A courgette loaf cake..

63. 5 savoury scones.

64. A jar of piccalilli.

65. A homemade alcoholic drink.

Recipe for Boiled Fruit Cake, Class 61


75g butter or margarine

75g soft brown sugar

150g mixed fruit

200g plain flour

1 5ml ground mixed spice

1 5ml bicarbonate of soda

200ml water

1/2 tsp salt


Oven 180oC/gas mark 4

Put the fruit, fat, sugar, water and spice into a pan and bring to the boil.  Boil for 3 minutes and then allow to cool.  

Sieve in the dry ingredients and beat well.

Spoon the mixture into a lined and greased 6" or 15cm deep round cake tin.

Bake for 1 hour 30mins, until firm and a skewer comes out clean.

Cool in the tin.

Cool in the tin before turning out.


Autumn Show Classes 2020 (pdf)




Tips for Novice Exhibitors (pdf)