Welcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening Society

2020 Autumn Show

Saturday 5th September

Pluckley Village Hall

Exhibitors Set Up 10.15 am - 11.30am

Viewing Doors Open 2.45pm; Raffle, Tea & Cake

Prize giving 3.30pm


Schedule of Classes


Decorative Classes

Purchased flowers and foliage can be used in these arrangements though the building-up of the exhibit must be of the exhibitor’s own arrangement and may incorporate accessories. 

Maximum width allowed not more than 24” or 60cms.

1. An arrangement with fruit and/or vegetables.

2. An arrangement of home-grown flowers.

3. An arrangement using only 3 flowers.

4. An arrangement interpreting a book title.


In these classes the flowers must be grown by the exhibitor. 

5.  One specimen Rose bloom.

6.  A bowl of Roses - any variety or varieties.

7.  Vase of 3 stems of Roses - any variety or varieties.

8.  Vase of 3 stems of Roses, one variety - bud, bloom and blown - one flower head on each stem.

9.  Vase of 3 stems of Cosmos.

10. One Specimen Dahlia bloom - any variety.

11. Vase of 3 heads Dahlias – any one ball variety.

12. Vase of 3 heads Dahlias – any one cactus variety.

13. Vase of 3 heads Dahlias - any other single variety not mentioned.

14. Vase of not more than 10 stems of Dahlias – any variety or varieties

15. Vase of 6 stems of hardy perennials, 2 stems each of 3 varieties. 

16. Flowering pot plant 

*Pot not to exceed 10” or 25cms. Must have been in exhibitor’s possession for at least 6 months.

17. Vase of 3 stems annuals - any variety or varieties.

18. Vase of 3 stems climbing plants - any variety or varieties.

19. Vase of 3 stems Michaelmas Daisies - any variety or varieties.

20. Vase of 3 stems flowering shrubs (not roses) - any variety or varieties.

21. Vase of 3 stems berries - any variety or varieties.

22. Vase of 3 stems of flowers – from corms, bulbs or rhizomes. 

23. Largest Sunflower Head - more than one entry allowed.

24. Vase of grasses - any variety or varieties, bamboos included.

25. Vase of 3 Hydrangea Flowers – any variety or varieties.


In these classes the produce must be grown by the exhibitor.

26. 5 Culinary Apples - one variety.

27. 5 Dessert Apples - one variety.

28. A plate of not more than 20 Edible Berries including hulls - one or more varieties.

29. 5 Pears - one variety.

30. 5 stoned fruit - one variety.

31. 2 Fruits - one variety not already mentioned.


In these classes the produce must be grown by the exhibitor.

32. Collection of 5 salad vegetables displayed as grown – shown on a plate.

33. 2 Sweetcorn cobs.

34. 3 Onions.

35. 7 Shallots.

36. 3 Beetroot.

37. 2 Cucumbers.

38. 5 ripe Tomatoes (not small).

39. 7 small, ripe Tomatoes.

40. Tomatoes on a vine - at any stage of ripening.

41. 3 Potatoes - any colour or variety.

42. 3 Carrots.

43. 1 Cabbage.

44. 2 Marrows ideally of equal length not exceeding 15” or 38cms in length.

45. 2 Courgettes 4”-6”, or 10-15cms in length, ideally with flowers.

46. 5 Runner beans.

47. 3 Sweet peppers.

48. 3 Chilli peppers.

49. 2 Squash ideally of equal size/length.

50. Collection of named herbs - displayed in a vase.

51. 2 Vegetables of any variety - not already mentioned.

52. Longest Runner Bean.

53. Strangest shaped vegetable or fruit - more than one entry allowed.

54. Heaviest Pumpkin.

55. Master Gardener - 5 items all different, comprising 2 vegetables, 2 flowers in a vase and l fruit, assembled on a plate not more than 12 inches, or 30cms in diameter.

56. Largest Tomato.

57. Special Autumn Competition - Largest crop from potato purchased at Spring Show. (Rules of entry shown under Spring Show. ) During judging, the contents of each bucket will be tipped out, sieved and the potatoes weighed. The heaviest crop will be the winning entry.

Home Produce

58. A cheesecake. 

59. 3 pieces of Millionaire's Shortbread.

60. 3 mini frittatas.

61. A boiled fruitcake - see recipe.

62. A courgette loaf cake..

63. 5 savoury scones.

64. A jar of piccalilli.

65. A homemade alcoholic drink.

Recipe for Boiled Fruit Cake, Class 61


75g butter or margarine

75g soft brown sugar

150g mixed fruit

200g plain flour

1 5ml ground mixed spice

1 5ml bicarbonate of soda

200ml water

1/2 tsp salt


Oven 180oC/gas mark 4

Put the fruit, fat, sugar, water and spice into a pan and bring to the boil.  Boil for 3 minutes and then allow to cool.  

Sieve in the dry ingredients and beat well.

Spoon the mixture into a lined and greased 6" or 15cm deep round cake tin.

Bake for 1 hour 30mins, until firm and a skewer comes out clean.

Cool in the tin.

Cool in the tin before turning out.

Show Rules

Show Rules are shown under Spring Show


Tips for Novice Exhibitors (pdf)