Welcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening Society

Welcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening Society

Welcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening SocietyWelcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening SocietyWelcome to Pluckley with Egerton Gardening Society

2020 Spring Show with Plant Sale

Saturday 4th April

Pluckley Village Hall

Exhibitors Set Up 10.15 am - 11.30am

Viewing Doors Open 2.45pm; Raffle, Tea & Cake

Prize Giving 3.30pm

Schedule of Classes


Decorative Classes

Purchased flowers and foliage can be used in these arrangements though the building-up of the exhibit must be of the exhibitor’s own arrangement and may incorporate accessories. 

Maximum width allowed not more than 24” or 60cms except Class 3.

1.  An arrangement including only varieties of ivy.

2.  A birthday arrangement.

3.  A petite posy.

4.  An arrangement incorporating a feather or feathers.


In these classes the flowers must be grown by the exhibitor.

See below for definition of daffodil divisions.

5.  Vase of 3 Division 1 Daffodils - yellow trumpet, any one variety.

6.  Vase of 3 Division 1 Daffodils – any other colour or colours, any one variety.

7.  Vase of 3 Division 2 Daffodils - yellow trumpet, any one variety.

8.  Vase of 3 Division 2 Daffodils – any other colour or colours, any one variety.

9.  Vase of 3 Division 3 Daffodils – yellow trumpet, any one variety.

10. Vase of 3 Division 3 Daffodils – any other colour or colours, any one variety. 

11. Vase of 3 Division 4 Daffodils – any colour or colours, any one variety.

12. Vase of 3 Division 6 Daffodils (cyclamineus) – any one variety.

13. Vase of 3 Division 5, 7 or 8 Daffodils -any colour or colours, any one variety.

14. Vase of 3 miniature Daffodils – any division, any one variety. 

15. Vase of 3 Division 9 Daffodil (Poeticus) – any one variety.

16. Vase of 3 Daffodils - any one variety not already mentioned.

17. Vase of at least 10 Daffodils any varieties.

18. Vase of 3 red Tulips - any one variety.

19. Vase of 3 small Tulips - any one variety.  

20. Vase of 3 Tulips (not red) - any one variety.

21. Vase of 5 Tulips - any variety.

22. Vase of 5 stems of Grape Hyacinth - any variety. 

23. Vase of 3 stems of Perennials - any varieties.

24. Vase of 3 stems of Polyanthus - any varieties.

25. Vase of 3 stems of mixed flowering trees/shrubs - one stem of each variety.

26. Vase of 3 stems of Wallflowers - any varieties.

27. Vase of 3 stems of cut Hyacinths - any varieties.

28. Vase of 3 stems of any perfumed flower or plant - any varieties.

29. Vase of spring flowers not daffodils.

30. 1 Pot Plant – Foliage*.

31. 1 Pot Plant – Flowering*.

*Pots not to exceed 10” or 25cms. Must have been in exhibitor’s possession for at least 6 months.

32. Special Spring Competition – Pot or bowl of bulbs as purchased by members at the Autumn Show or AGM at any stage of development.


In these classes the produce must be grown by the exhibitor.

33. A specimen Vegetable.

34. 4 stems of Parsley. 

35. 3 sticks of Rhubarb.

36. 6 Stems of Sprouting Broccoli.

37. 2 Leeks.

38. A Parsnip.

39. Any vegetable not already mentioned.

Potato Competition

Potatoes will be available for growing on ready for the Special Autumn Competition – Class 57, the crop of one seed potato as purchased at the Spring Show.

This will be a main crop seed potato, of a particular variety, purchased from a leading supplier.

Your potato (one per family member) should be grown in a container no larger than 5 gallons.

This, together with its undisturbed contents, should be brought along to the Autumn Show. During judging, the contents of each bucket will be tipped out, sieved and the potatoes weighed. The heaviest crop will be the winning entry.

Daffodil Classes

Division 1 Trumpet Daffodil Cultivars


The cup is as long or longer than the petals. There is one bloom per stem.

Division 2 Large-cupped Daffodil Cultivars


The cup length measures more than 1/3 of, but less than equal to, the length of the petals. There is one bloom per stem.

Division 3 Small-cupped Daffodil Cultivars


The cup length measures not more than 1/3 of the length of the petals. There is one bloom per stem.

Division 4 Double Daffodil Cultivars


Daffodils have a doubling of cup and petals.There can be one or more flowers per stem.

Division 6 Cyclamineus Daffodil Cultivars


Daffodils have a wind-swept appearance with petals significantly reflexed. There is one bloom per stem. 

Divisions 5, 7 & 8 Multi Headed Daffodils


Daffodils have clusters of florets (usually two or more) on a stem. 

Division 9 Poeticus Daffodil Cultivars


Daffodils have extremely white petals and are noted for this quality. The cup is a small, crinkled disc. Cups most often have a green centre, surrounded by yellow, with a red rim. There is usually one fragrant bloom per stem.

Division 12 Other Daffodil Cultivars

Daffodil cultivars which do not fit the definition of any other division.

Miniature Daffodils

Miniatures have the same descriptive divisions as standards, only with smaller blooms, usually less than 1½ inches in diameter.



Spring Show CLASSES 2020 (pdf)


Daffodil Divisions (pdf)


Tips for Novice Exhibitors (pdf)




Show Rules *


  1. No garden shall supply more than one competitive item in each class (except – see rule 2).
  2. More than one entry per family is allowed in the special Spring and Autumn competitions and where specifically stated.
  3. Entries will be taken on the morning of the shows.
  4. Exhibitors should stage exhibits between 10.15am and 11.30am and not remove them until after the prizes have been presented.  Exhibitors must provide their own plates, dishes, vases, etc.
  5. Competitors are particularly asked not to prepare their exhibits on the Show Benches.
  6. Exhibitors will prepare (on the morning of the show, and at the venue of the show) a card for each class, bearing his/her name and class. These cards must be placed face downwards before the exhibit to which each refers. 
  7. All exhibits should be correctly numbered. Errors in naming, or omitting to name, will not disqualify, but Judges may recognise correctness and distinctness in naming as telling in favour of an exhibitor in a close competition.
  8. With the exception of ‘Decorative’ classes, any person exhibiting produce not of his/her own growing will be disqualified and will forfeit all prizes. In ‘Decorative’ or ‘Arrangement’ classes the building-up of the exhibit must be of the exhibitor’s own arrangement. This can incorporate accessories and purchased flowers/foliage unless otherwise stated in the individual class details.
  9. Any exhibit not exactly within the wording of the Schedule will be disqualified. Please note the ‘space allowed’ in Decorative classes, the number of exhibits to be shown in each class, and if detailed, how they should be presented.
  10. The Committee reserves the absolute right to reject any proposed entry without assigning any reason.
  11. The Committee delegates full powers to the Chairman and Show Secretary to enforce the regulations of the Show.
  12. Only officials will be allowed into the hall while judging is in progress.
  13. The judges have the power to withhold prizes where exhibits are deficient in merit.
  14. Any protest or objection must be made in writing and lodged with the Show Secretary or Chairman by 3pm on the day of the Show.
  15. Certificates showing winners and placings will be awarded. Where a competitor wins more than one placing within a show, all the results shall be summarised upon one certificate.
  16. The Committee will take all ordinary care of exhibits but will not be responsible for any loss or damage which may occur from any cause whatever.
  17. All Challenge Cups remain the property of the Society and will be held for one year. In order to comply with Insurance Regulations, winners will be asked to sign an acknowledgment of receipt of cups.
  18. All matters not provided for in the above rules shall be left to the discretion of the Committee, whose decision will be final.
  19. Full acceptance of these rules is a condition of entry.

* Rules are in a different order to those in the printed schedule and the first rule in the schedule is excluded as not relevant to shows.

A copy of the RHS Horticultural Show Handbook may be borrowed briefly from either the Chairman or the Show Co-ordinator.